Start with as little as $200. Then Take Home From $2,000 to $7,000 Per Day-- Even If You've Never Played Baccarat Before.

From The Man Known As "Mystery Jones "The Amazing New Baccarat Cash Winning System That Gives You The Edge Over Any Casino



Dear Friend:

I can show anyone how to have the "winners edge" over the casinos in the most over looked card game that's easy to play and easy to win.

Start with $200 and go home with $2,000 to $7,000 day after day when you use the "Mystery Jones" method of gaining the winners edge over the casinos... playing BACCARAT.  Even if you've never played baccarat before.

Yes, it's amazing but true. I made a ton of money in the last six months. It was all legal. It was easy.

I started with $200. And "smart luck" on my side.

Listen, I used to struggle with money. Even though I worked hard.... Sometimes seven days a week. I was a carpenter. My life was going nowhere. The harder I tried, the worse things seemed to get. I was so frustrated.

I could not believe that things were supposed to be this bad.

One day... I saw my old friend Tom. He was driving an expensive new Mercedes Benz. He was wearing very expensive clothes. And he was living in an expensive new home.

I was shocked. Was this the same Tom I had always known?

Was this the same man who used to "borrow a few bucks till payday."??? I couldn't believe it.

His face was beaming. He looked more relaxed than I had seen him in years.

"Jason." He said, "Let's get some coffee.

Over coffee, he looked straight in my eyes and said "Jason, how would you like to make some real money... FAST????"

I almost choked on my coffee. How are you supposed to answer a question like that? I nodded and motioned for him to go on.

He took "Mystery Jones'" $3,000 Challenge.

He told me he saw an ad in the Sunday Newspaper.

It read...

Make $1,000 a day minimum profit at the baccarat tables Attend 3-day "live" demonstration at the casinos.

It was a revolutionary offer by one of America's most famous "underground" gamblers. He was offering an "all-expense" paid demonstration of his techniques. It was an amazing new way to prove once and for all that his method of working the tables would guarantee anyone $1,000 or more every day at baccarat.

It's true. He would pay HOTEL FEES, DINNER AND DRINKS. And he guaranteed anyone would be $3,000 richer after the 3 days.

Plus, he OFFERED TO MAKE EACH GUEST $3,000 RICHER. Any guest could bet along with the man they call "Mystery Jones". They'd make the same profit, too.

What was the catch, I asked?

This amazing, low-key fellow, was willing, in a quiet way, to demonstrate the power of his system.

All he asked was that at the end of the 3-day trial, the guest would buy his system at a cost of $2,995.

Essentially, the system was FREE. Why? Because each guest could buy his powerful baccarat cash flow system out of the profit he/she made during the 3-day demonstration.

Did it work?

Yes, Tom made $3,750 in 3 days.

Did he buy the Baccarat system?

Who could resist? After such a demonstration. It was the best investment he ever made.

"I made up my mind THAT DAY that I too would learn the same system of playing baccarat as this "Mystery Jones". And I did.

$500 to $1,000 a day-every time I go to the casinos is not unheard of.

The cash winning secrets the casinos don't want you to know!!! But they can't stop you from winning $500 to $45,000 a day. All it takes is a weekend to prove to your self risk-free that this system works.

Here is some of what you are about to discover Dear Friend...

  • This amazing betting technique consistently will give you a better chance of winning than 95% of all others. Tested and proven.

  • You'll discover the power of the Zoprapho Technique. It's one of the techniques you'll learn. It consists of two amazing, unstoppable techniques anyone with a little practice can do. This baccarat technique left its creator with a $5 million dollar fortune when he died.

  • How to form a "discreet gambling syndicate" of your friends, and win even more at casinos.

  • Next, I'll show you "The Rabbit Trick" of multiplying your successes. This technique alone could be worth thousands of dollars to you. If you get stuck, always call back on this technique for the best bets.

  • Need a quick $22 million? I'll show you how about 10 years ago, a man named Kerry Parker walked away from a bunch of Las Vegas casinos with $22 million. Yes, he did it with a "group of friends" (a "syndicate"), and yes-he caused a 19% drop in The Hilton Hotel Quarterly Profits.

  • Two things you should never do with your bankroll and your time, no matter how much time or money you have.

  •  How to make huge profits without gambling-when you see a high roller lose a ton of money at the casino When he loses a ton of money... you can make a ton of money without risk. I'll show you how.

  • See a gambler at the tables for a long time? Do this and skyrocket your odds of taking home a ton of cash.

  • How to bet when you see that all the 5's have been removed from the deck. This method gives you tremendous odds and cash at the end of the day.

  • Forget card counting-here's a shortcut method to betting on each card's presence or absence. This shortcut card counting technique is so powerful, two buddies used this method to pocket an extra $100 per hour for 7 straight nights in Vegas. They were then barred from the casino after proving to themselves that the system worked. Next- They went to a different casino, upped the stakes, and won $1,000 an hour. You can have this power.

  • Want an 80% advantage? Look for 2s and 3s in this order-but 7s and 8s in the opposite order.

  • Next, I'll show you the power of the 6-card subsets-this increases your profit advantage by a cool 26%. Tested, and proven.

  • Blow everyone's mind by making a "tie bet." When you see this as the last hand, pay attention.

  • If you see a situation where there are a lot of 6s, just waiting to be dealt-Do This-to take home a bushel of cash!

  • What is Sequential Tracking, and how did a team in Las Vegas win $20 million with it? You'll see.

  • The secrets of "shuffle-spooking," and how to use this technique to give yourself an almost unfair advantage in Baccarat.

  • After you win 10 hands in a row... DO THIS... to avoid drawing attention to yourself. It will keep you from getting rolled by thugs.

  • Use this technique to exploit the weaknesses of the casino even when they think they are exploiting you.

Listen... there is more. Lots, lots more.

It's like being in heaven. Now whenever I get low on cash... I don't mind telling you... going to the casinos makes me smile. At first, I felt guilty. But I wasn't doing anything illegal. Then I felt happy... Now that I was not breaking my back to bring home the bread. I have all the money I want. I enjoy plenty of FREE TIME. And my wife and I travel and forget our cares.

I'm happy to announce to you that you too can lean "Mystery Jones'" Power Baccarat Winning System for a SHOCKING LOW PRICE.

After nearly 25 years of quietly winning money at the tables, Tom's friend will now gladly share his method with anyone with this special offer through Rainbow Publishers, in California.

His is a foolproof method based on a scientific system of playing against the house, the odds and the other players.

He has personally hand-trained over 213 students in his winning system at a cost of $3,000. They all paid out of the winnings they pick up at the casinos.

Listen... think about this. This powerful cash producing system is yours for less than a tank full of gas to get to the casino. You are about to embark on a powerful new way to have more money... more free time and enjoy your life more.

This is a limited time offering. You can't find this system in your library or local bookstore.

But don't call it "luck". Remember... Mr. Jones calls it "smart luck." He says "Smart Luck" is what you give to yourself. And if you take the time to check out his system the pay off to you is skyrocketing cash winnings that you really deserve. Just follow the closely guarded secrets he reveals.

"Mystery Jones'" methods are simple and easy to use.

You're guaranteed to be thrilled with the money you win. And you'll win an obscene amount. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. But this system shows you how to hedge your bets in your favor.

Jones's system gives you the edge even if you've never been to the casinos to play baccarat before. Now through this special limited offer, you can have Jones' entire Power Baccarat Winning System -completely designed for winning major amounts of cash at the tables.

We have a system reserved with your name on it. But I must hear from you right away. This is a limited edition with a serial number. I don't want too many people knowing this system.

Mr. Jones has authorized Web Publishing, Inc. to distribute a limited number of his Power Baccarat Winning System.

You may  access it right  now by clicking at the right here.  Click Here

Each system is serialized to ensure quality control. And increase your chances of winning.

Wouldn't you like to be the one to win gobs of cash NOW at the casinos? Now you can when you say YES to this exclusive offer.

Access NOW. This is a golden opportunity to discover what only a handful of people know and profit from, when they need money at the casinos.

If you are already making plenty of money, and having plenty of fun- then give this notice to a friend.

Jones spent years and years... developing this amazing cash winning system.

You can learn it too. FAST and EASY. The only thing better than a day gambling at the casinos is....


Do it to day.


John Bianchi
John Bianchi
Mystery Jones' Student And Former Carpenter

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