Announcing The Guaranteed
20 Minute System Of Winning At Video Poker

You can turn the Video Poker machine into your own personal  ATM Cash Machine

Dear Friend:

I'll show you a perfectly legal way you can stuff cash in your pockets on average every twenty minutes and win thousands of dollars in a session of playing video poker - My tested and proven system is so powerful, you owe nothing and pay nothing if I can't prove to you up front that it really, really works.- It's unlike anything you've ever seen before."

This Is Something The Casinos Don't Want You To Know - It's perfectly legal. NOW-You Too Can Win At Video Poker - Guaranteed!-Using my "20 Minute" system".

I love winning, Dear Friend..

My name's David  Johnson. I've been called "Mr. Cool As A Cucumber." Why? Because, I know how to win when I play poker. I've been playing poker since I was a kid. Also... I've been playing Video Poker since the game came out in the early 1970's. And I want to let you in on the best kept secret in all of gaming:

Video Poker Can Be BEAT! Over and over again!  

It's true! Using my tested and proven system, YOU CAN WIN at Video Poker! With my secrets, you actually have an edge over the casinos!   With my system... It's a guaranteed 2% edge, and it's in your favor!

Make Money Every 20 Minutes

When you follow my amazing system and "play your cards right", you will get back $20 PROFIT for every $1,000 you wager. At the higher stakes machines, you can do it every twenty minutes or so! That's over $60.00 an hour - just for having a good time playing poker!

Video Poker is replacing slots as the number one coin driven game in the casinos. And for good reason - in certain states (later, I'll tell you which ones) - it's the only game where you have a fair chance against the casinos! When you learn my secrets, you'll see how you can have more than just a "50/50 chance". You can actually beat the casinos at their own game!

I know that sounds hard to believe - but in a minute I'll explain why it's completely true!

The Secret To Winning-NO BRAIN!!!

 Video Poker has became one of the most popular games in the casinos. And no wonder - unlike "live" poker, where you can never win more than the pot - Video Poker allows you payoffs up to 4,000 to one! And that's on top of the progressive jackpots. This can easily add tens of thousands of dollars to your winnings! This is exciting.

Another advantage of video poker vs. live poker is you've only got one opponent. It's a random "number generator" with no brain!

Forget facing down six or seven guys in a poker game. They may have been playing longer than you have. They may just be 'naturals' at poker. BUT-- In Video Poker, you've only got to beat one opponent. And you already know what 'he'll' do every single time! I'll show you.

Playing To Win

For years my friends would watch me win at the video poker games. And for years my friends would twist my arm to reveal my secrets. And for years I just kept my mouth shut.

But now, after nearly 25 years of winning and testing and proving and winning again... I've decided to reveal all of my secrets   for a limited time. 

That's why this message is URGENT... and EXCLUSIVE.

You are invited to Win with me at Video Poker. I want you to have the right strategies, repeated over and over. I want you to find the right machine to play to begin with. I want you to win... over and over again.

That's why I have prepared my special "Step-By-Step" Winning Video Poker System-which you can access within minutes. .  .

Listen... If you know just these 3 secrets:

1. How to find the right machine,

2. In the right state (based on state gaming laws),

3. And which cards to play for every hand that's dealt - you'll have all you need to know to beat the house every time.

Think of it - you can pay for every trip to Las Vegas or an Indian Casino in your own state or online sitting at your computer! And I'll show you how to get your rooms and meals 'comped' too! On top of all this, you'll enjoy yourself more - because you'll be winning! This means you'll always leave Las Vegas with more money than you brought!

Of course, like live poker, you need to know the basics... I'll show you the basics PLUS every single advanced technique you need to know to win, and win big! Just think of it...

Your Own ATM Machine

My secret system turns a Video Poker game in to your own personal "ATM" machine! You just play for a few hours, then, cash in your credits!

No Risk To You

This is exciting: You can test my system "for FREE" at home! There's NO RISK TO YOU. Prove it to yourself RISK FREE. Get used to winning using my system - with a casino computer game. I'll show you how to practice without risking a penny. After you master my system, you'll be ready to hit the casinos - and put some real money in your pocket!

Inside Secrets... Here are just a few of the insider secrets you'll discover:

  •  Betting Strategies For Deuces Wild
  •  Strategies For Playing With And Without A Joker In The Deck
  •  How To Instantly Recognize Which Machines Will Give You An Edge
  • When To "Fold" Hands That You Would Normally Keep (In Live Poker)
  • The Tricks Of Playing "Progressive Pot" Machines
  •  Money Management Strategies To Maximize Your Winnings
  •  When Not To Play Video Poker
  •  The Top Five Hands To Immediately "Cash In"

More Time AND More Money.

Maybe you want to take a couple of months off. Why not? You only need to play a few hours a day to earn more than enough to live on... why not take a vacation?

Pay for it all out of your winnings! Have some fun! Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in America. You can easily 'bankroll' a vacation there for as long as you like! Just bring some money to start, and stay as long as you want!  Maybe you just want to play online.  Or go to the nearby Indian casino.

An hour after you have downloaded the guide, you'll be making money. The more you use my system, the faster you can pile up the winnings! Since you won't be paying for your room or your meals, all you need to cover is the airfare and the cab!

Win  thousands of dollars after every week! You won't get 'banned' from the casinos, because everything I'll teach you is 100% legal! You can make a couple of grand, and then move on to another casino if you like. Either way, you'll be excited because you'll be winning.

You won't want to quit! Trust me, once you see the money piling up, you'll have a hard time stopping. This may be the only 'addiction' that you'll want to 'catch!"

There's A Right Way, And A Wrong Way

If you go to the casinos,  I will show you how to spot  the best machines to play. There are only a few machines that give you the edge you need to win almost every time, but they're out there. I'll tell you exactly how to find them... and why if you can't, it's time to go to another casino.

The next thing you'll learn is how much to bet per hand. I give you a very specific strategy to follow. To win every time, you need to know it, and use it.

Finally, I'll show you exactly which cards to play for every hand you're dealt. If you check out nothing else... check out THIS PART of my system. The exact cards to play are VITAL to winning. You'll love my powerful system.

After that... look out world!- You'll be unbeatable! How much you win is up to you.

The One Million Dollar Pyramid

Don't worry. The casinos know that one or two percent of 'gamers' are aware of these secrets. And that they will be winning. They just factor those losses in. The other 99% of the people who play video poker don't have a clue. These folks throw their money away. It all works out for the casinos!

It's just like life. 1% of the people have practically all the money. 99% get by with less. The 1% know how to make it make it, and the rest don't!                               

It may not be 'fair', but it's just the way it is.

Here's the best news about my system of playing Video Poker: It's the only thing you need to join the1%-- just follow my system!

With My Amazing Iron-Clad Guarantee  This Is A Bet You Can't Lose

Here's something else you should know: I make my system totally risk free for you. You can access  my system, you check it out, then you decide if it's everything I've said it is. Prove it to yourself for FREE! Don't risk a dime.

Just pick up a gaming program for your home computer. As the computer deals the hands, just use my system. (You'll need to set it for Video Poker - I'll show you how.)

You'll know everything I'm telling you is true the same day you test it!

But wait-there's more: Like I said, this is a risk free offer. If for any reason -you're not completely thrilled with the secrets I reveal - you will get a prompt No-Questions-Asked refund of your purchase price.

I want to make sure you know you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Once you know the how's, when's, where's and why's of Video Poker, you'll be hooked! There's nothing as exciting as watching your bankroll get bigger and bigger as the night goes on.

Stuff Your Pockets With Money Like This

Video Poker can be the perfect game to play if you want to "sit it out" for a while from other table games. Knowing you can always win a couple of thousand dollars a session is a great feeling.

The best thing about this system is the confidence you'll feel every time you step up to a machine. Just knowing you'll be winning is half the fun. The other half is doing it!

There's nothing like the sound of those coins ringing in to your 'win' tray. They jingle, jangle, and splash all over! You may need to get some extra large, 42 ounce coin cups to carry it all in!

Once you discover these secrets, you'll have everything you need to win... over and over again! You decide how much - the sky's the limit!

You're In Good Company

After twisting my arm to reveal my secrets here's what a few friends had to say:

"I used to play Video Poker for ten or fifteen hands, and then quit. I never seemed to win any money! I got a copy of Dan's system about three months ago, and I'm happy to say that I've been winning every since! It only took me three weeks to get really good at it. I also figured out what I'd been doing wrong before (Duh!) I've won enough for a down payment on a new 'ride'. Thanks Dan!" - Cynthia Schneider / SLC, Utah

 I've always done just fine at regular poker, but for some reason I never had the same luck at Video Poker. After I got Dan's system, my 'luck' changed in a big hurry! Now I have a tough time deciding which game I want to play! - Frances (Frank) Montgomery / Scottsdale, AZ

"This is my thirteenth winning session in a row! My husband can't believe it! I also won two progressive pots in one weekend! I'm so excited about this, I can't think straight! Hurry and get this system - I love it!" - Teresa Bethel / Seattle, Washington

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

Just picture taking your sweetheart to a nice steak dinner - FREE-on the house! Then going up to your deluxe room - also FREE! Then showing her how much you won in just one night! (You may not get to stay in the room - she may send you back out there to win some more!)

Pile up the winnings - you earned them!  Whoever said 'ignorance is bliss' wasn't playing Video Poker!

Once you know what I know, you'll get used to what I'm used to when I play Video Poker: Winning!

Imagine-Four Thousand To One Payoffs

Here are a few more of the secrets I cover in my system -Secrets Of Winning At Video Poker:

  • Strategies For Bonus And Double Bonus Poker
  • Which Progressive Jackpots To Join
  • Betting Strategies For Deuces Wild Machines
  • There Are 100 Ways To Play "Wrong" and Only Three Ways To Play "Right"
  • Quickly Read And Understand Payout Tables
  • The Secret Of Playing Long Enough To Win
  • Why You Should Always Skip The "Double Or Nothing" Bets

Winning at Video Poker is a great feeling. Even if you don't become a professional (like three of the people that have read my system have done.) You can 'party all night' after every winning session. Or just stick the money in the bank! Either way, as they say: "cash is king."

Here's More Of  The Video Poker Secrets I Reveal In My System:

  • Why You Should Avoid "Multi Hand" Games
  • Strategies For Beating The New "Let It Ride" Video Poker Games
  • Why You Need To Plan On Betting At Least $2,200 Or More Per Session (If You're Playing A Dollar Machine)
  • Why Progressive (Jackpot) Machines Are Generally A Better Payoff
  •  The Secret Of Using A Larger Bankroll To Improve Your Odds Even More
  •  Strategies For Winning Video Poker Tournaments
  • Why Casinos Can't Cheat You At Video Poker (If You Follow My System)

Play Your Cards Right

Everyone loves a winner... and that's just what you'll be after you digest my system! Like I said in the beginning... there are only two games in the casinos that can be beaten. One is blackjack. The other is Video Poker. Ninety percent or more of the people playing either one of these games are losing. One hundred percent of the people playing any other games in the casino are losing (sooner or later). Just a handful of people playing blackjack and Video Poker are winning money.

After you order my system, you will win time after time after time at Video Poker!

Watch The Money Pile Up

Here's all you need to do to get your hands on this amazing new system and start winning some money yourself:

Just click  and download your guide right now.  The faster you practice, the sooner you'll be ready to start raking it in at real machines. Click Here

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!!! That's all you need to know to get started. Now it's up to you! You can't win if you don't play. And you can't win if you don't know all the secrets. It took me a lot of years... and tens of thousands of dollars... to discover.

I did all the work, so you don't have to! Just have fun, win a lot of money, and don't ever look back.

See you in Vegas-

David Johnson
David Johnson
"Mr. Cool As A Cucumber."

P.S. Hurry!! Send for my amazing system Secrets Of Winning At Video Poker today! Don't put it off - do it now. There's absolutely no risk. If you're not totally satisfied - for any reason - up to 90 days after you  access my system - just let me know and you will receive  a full refund! You'll win at video poker on average about once every 20 minutes.

Complete  the NO-RISK Access  form now ... This may be your last chance ever to get it by this offer.  Because our price and the  offer may be doubled without any notice or warning.  So act now.

Complete the form below and press Access Information Button. A  payment of $19.95 is due within 24 hours of access. (Make sure email address is correct. It is used for sending username and passwords)  Money Back Guarantee. 



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